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Often times people ask, are travel agencies still around? The truth is that they are growing in higher demand now than ever before. In today’s world people like instant gratification but security is at the top of everyone’s list. This is why the purchase of home insurance, auto insurance and life insurance increases every year in the United States. At FDV travel, we not only strive to ensure that your dream vacation will become a reality, but we also want to sure you receive the best price on air, land, and transportation arrangements.

We work with all major US and international carriers as well as all brand hotel chains to get you better pricing and more flexibility. The industry myth is that you get better pricing through online companies like Orbitz and Expedia. But let’s face it, these third party companies lure you in with pricing but offer no flexibility when an emergency comes up or you need to change your itinerary. Aren’t you tired of losing money on non-refundable tickets purchased online? FDV is here to ensure you no longer lose money on un-flown segments. With over 20 years of combined experienced in Caribbean, South America and European travel, our agents will optimize your next vacation by saving you time, money and adding more flexibility to your next trip.

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